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PSM respects your uniqueness. The philosophy inherent in Jiva believes that if you know your nature, and find the job that suits it, then you never work a day in your life! Work becomes play. It is this philosophy that we value when we invite people to join our organization.

The two main pillars of any organization are the directors’ vision and values. If individuals find that their own vision and values match with those of the organization, only then can an effective, long-term relationship be made. PSM vision is to create a healthy, wealthy and fearless society. To do so, we draw of from India’s traditional wisdom and knowledge systems to help people lead more holistic and meaningful lives in the areas of Health Care, Education and Spirituality. Our values comprise transparency, fairness, consistency, responsibility and finding a balance in life.

Further, at PSM, we believe that:

 It is not your qualification but your qualities that matter.

 It is better for us to have fewer dedicated individuals rather than a large number of people working halfheartedly.

 If you enjoy what you do, you will succeed in every aspect of your life.

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