SCHOOL SAFETY COMMITTEE (POCSO):- A child abuse monitoring Committee (CAMC) constituted under The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences, Act (POCSO Act, 2012). Students from a tender age are periodically aware and sensitized about- ‘Good Touch & Bad Touch’. In middle school, sessions on ‘Gender Parity and understanding ‘Puberty’ are conducted to ensure that students will grow up as responsible individuals. Students are made aware of the good and bad behaviours, activities by peers and adult, they are freely asked to discuss the topic with their Class Teacher and Principal. Also Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff is guided to ensure the safety and security of the students. Installation of the camera in every nook and corner has ensured complete safety against child abuse.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMMITTEE:- Sexual Harassment Committee is constituted under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 to ensure a safe and secure environment for female staff. This committee looks into the complaints about sexual harassment of women at the workplace as per the guidelines formulated under the act.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:- In our attempt to combat with any emergency situation by keeping the children and staff safe and secure, the school has formed the Disaster Management Committee. The teaching and non-teaching staff has been divided into various teams and have been given the basic training to tackle emergency situations and are properly working under the supervision of the School Principal. Safe infrastructure, external and internal security, periodic evacuation drill, workshop and training sessions for the staff and the student are some of the regular activities and features. Evacuation plans are displayed at various locations and students are trained regarding safe exits, helping each other, etc.